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Today we received some exciting news from Mike Krauss Chairman of the Pennsylvania Public Banking Project (see below) as events around the country are turning the tide in favor of public banking.  Some of you will have received this already but it bears repeating.  As we get closer and closer to making Public Banking a reality in Pennsylvania and other states and cities around the nation there is much which still needs to be accomplished to get this done.  In Pennsylvania, first and foremost, the PA Project needs to raise money to support the efforts in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Reading, Bucks County and other areas in the state.  This is necessary to enable travel expenses and research efforts to be undertaken at this critical stage of the project.  Up until now those of us involved have pretty much self-funded this effort, but we can no longer do this solely on our own – WE NEED YOUR HELP – both financially and politically to make this a reality. 


The PA Project is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and your contributions are fully tax deductible.  As Mike's message states, the City Council hearings in support of public banking in Philadelphia will be held this coming Monday.  We are hoping to have similar opportunities to present the benefits of public banking to the Mayor and City Council in Pittsburgh within the next month or so.  To do this we need to bring in some experts to testify and this requires money.  So, if you like the idea of public banks please do whatever you can to support our efforts.  Thank you.


For those of you not living in Pennsylvania there is almost certainly a similar effort taking place in or near your state, please support these efforts.




As we get ready for the public banking hearings Monday in Philadelphia City Council chambers (1:00 PM, Room 400), here is some really great news.  Yesterday an Arizona State Legislature committee voted 6-1 to proceed with official hearings toward a state public bank.  That is a GOP dominated legislature!!


That work is led by another great team like that in Philly, Arizonans for a New Economy


The Maryland House of Delegates will hold committee hearings next Wednesday on a bill​; an effort led for three years by Delegate Ana Gutierrez, with who PA Project Director, Frank Nuessle, former PA Project Director and now PBI Chair Walt McRee and I have been working.


As you read this, Walt is on the west coast for meetings with mayors, city council members and staff in Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Santa Cruz and San Francisco. Another promising effort is San Diego.


And back East, our local teams ate moving forward in Pittsburgh and Trenton.


We are getting results and making progress in the best tradition of the American Democracy:  from the grass roots and the bottom up! 


Help make 2016 the Year of Public Banking please donate to support the work of the Pennsylvania Public Banking Project. 


Mike Krauss

Chair, the Pennsylvania Project

Founding Director, the Public Banking Institute



John E. Hemington, Jr.

PA Project Board


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