Friday, February 12, 2016

What is the excuse? Being lazy? Not able to think again? Lack of political will?

There is a 4-letter word that seems to get in the way of what you want done. The hurdle, it seems to me, is a concept called, " W O R K ." Hard work, heavy lifting, planning, follow through, relationship building, problem solving and general FIXING of things needs to happen. Sometimes the work doesn't get done because of another 4-letter word, " L A Z Y ." There are some who want to have others do the work for them. They hire others to do their homework. They use consultants. They have to use OVERLORDS as an excuse. Without the money to pay off the contracts and the others, it isn't going to happen. If the work won't get done because of a lazy attitude, that is one possible way to explain frustrations.

Another way to account for the lack of desired outcomes is smarts. Do they understand? Do they get it? Can they "think again?"
There are a host of other reasons why things lag in Pittsburgh. Mostly, most are smart enough to understand. And, BK is one who has shown his ability in the past to hustle and buzz and try from time to time. So, I'm not sure what to think in this case.

Mostly, if things don't get done it is because there is a lack of political will. They don't care. Gathering a room full of people with an agenda gets things to a CARING level more quickly.

Keep plugging.

I care. Others care too. Call them out and ask them why fumble?

Posted above on a thread about South Side transportation matters that seem to be lagging.

A document from JG has been released. Not sure if I should share it here or not, just yet.

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