Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fwd: New Firmware Announcement

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New MilestonePod firmware released.

New MilestonePod Firmware

Improve performance. Stay healthy. Choose the right shoe.

HELLO! Over the past few months, our research and development teams have been busy testing and validating new firmware for the MilestonePod. Today, the firmware opened as a wide release to everyone. This means that the next time you sync, you will see a "Pod upgrade available" alert.

Downloading the new firmware is optional of course, but we recommend that you do so, based on the following updates:
1. Longer battery life.
Some automatic parameters have been updated to optimize sleep mode, saving you power. 
2. Increased "in-run" accuracy.
Some new research and algorithm tweaks have resulted in more sensitive X-Y-Z axis, positively affecting the rate of impact, leg swing and foot strike metrics.
3. Increased "out of the box" accuracy.
On average, the MilestonePod accuracy prior to a first run calibration, ranges from 94-98%. Every device maker strives to make this 100% for all runners and walkers. This update gets us a little closer. 
4. Bug fixes.
As standard in firmware upgrades, some updates were made that are typically invisible to the user.
After updating your Pod to the new firmware, you may need to calibrate one or two times. This will personalize the firmware specifically to your shoe and gait.
Behind the scenes of your MilestonePod and MilestonePod App, we are always working hard to push the Pod experience to the next level. #neverstop
Need help? Visit our support page for a list of FAQ's or
email us at info@milestonepod.com.

Happy Running!
The MilestonePod Team
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