Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Entrepreneurs benefit society

Think about how entrepreneurs benefit society and the many challenges they face.

uber airbnb and feastly.png Free Market Economics: Uber, Airbnb, & Feastly vs Government Regulation (video)
Chris Koopman of the Mercatus Center explains the tensions between entrepreneurs in the sharing economy and government regulations.

entrepreneur blog image.png Why Enterprise Is an Honorable Calling(blog)
Professor Richard Ebeling’s take on the moral virtue of entrepreneurship.

blackberry blog image.png Let’s tax the iPhone to save BlackBerry(blog)
Chris Koopman asks why we should protect taxis, but not the BlackBerry.

food trucks ij video thumb.png Running a Food Truck Shouldn’t be this Hard (video from the Institute for Justice)
Discover just how hard it is to navigate the regulations for running a food truck in this video from the Institute for Justice.

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