Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Orlando showdown with a judge and an old man with his one-page handouts

Julian, who was just in Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago, is getting set for a Florida trip and visit to the area around the courthouse in Orlando. When most of us travel to Orlando, we know when we are going to check in and check out. An extended stay, "on the house," is generally not a bargain we are excited about. Here is his email. Time will tell as to who blinks. Could be Judge, Law Enforcement Officers, Governor, Homeland Security, -- or -- Liberty.

Our country’s moment of decision has occurred. I will be distributing one-page flyers regarding the Bill of Rights requirements for criminal trials. This will occur from 11:30 am-1;30 PM, or until arrested on December 5, 2016 at the Orange County courthouse on 425 Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL. The information on the flyers will be about “Nullification by Jury” and “Duty of a Witness.”

On 3 separate previous occasions, Mark Schmidter, I, and a 3rd person whose name I have lost, have been arrested by courthouse guards for doing this distribution. The content of the material was not at issue. The previous Chief Judge had established free-speech zones where distribution of these flyers was permitted. However it just happened that the free-speech zones were in locations that had no pedestrian traffic. Mark served 144 days in jail and I served 2 weeks in jail. I have written to the Department of Homeland Security and to the Florida governor for protection. Copies of my letters were sent to the Clerk of Court. A similar letter had been sent by me to the Florida militia.

I received no reply from any of the “so-called” freedom protection organizations. I did receive a written reply from the Chief Judge of the Orlando Court informing me that if I appeared I would be arrested. The information that I distribute is a one-page flyer passed out by one person on the public sidewalk connecting a parking lot to the courthouse. There is no hindrance of public traffic. Others are passing newspapers, business cards, and court documents at the same location. None of the others are even approached by court guards.

I have requested all Tyranny Fighters and others to appear at that courthouse with weapons to protect me from arrest in order to save our country. It is your option to appear or not to appear. If you do not appear now, you will appear within 2 years at the gas chambers. The future of our country is yours to decide. The choice is yours, but it must be made before next Monday.


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