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Re: Why Recruiting Gets “Official” Next Week

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national letter of intent
What will change in your recruiting process on November 9?
On November 9, scholarships for the class of 2017 officially start disappearing. Whether you are a senior or just beginning the recruiting journey, find out what you should be doing next.
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Everyone wants something to sign on Signing Day. Here is what that piece of paper actually means
Every year during this time, our blog gets thousands of readers. We cover all the basics about the NLI and how it relates to athletic scholarships.

No one reads the fine print, but maybe you should on the most important document in recruiting
The NLI is the most important document in college sports. Read this to get filled in on the fine print.

Verbal commitments are not to be taken lightly. Here is a truthful look at what they mean
There are stories every week of 5-star recruits swapping verbal commitments, and that isn't normal behavior in recruiting. Here is a refresher on what verbal commitments mean to coaches and how to use them correctly.

Honesty and integrity aren't just good to have—they were required by this legendary coach
Sue Enquist is one of the most successful college coaches in any sport. Hear directly from her on what verbal commitments meant at UCLA.

Have you checked your coach searches lately? You might want to after this product update
Showing up in coach searches is the first step to getting discovered on our network. We've made it easier than ever for you to know how often coaches are coming across your profile. Read this to get up to speed on the new feature.
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