Monday, December 12, 2016

Fwd: Ahh those Russian Hackers and Chinese manufacturers

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From: John Hemington

As the world turns in this new era of Trumpian dystopia one just can't ever know just where the truth lies; and, frequently, it doesn't lie with those supposedly reliable sources in the mainstream media – and certainly not within sphere of mainstream politics.  While the liberal glitterati are running around in circles attempting to blame Hillary's loss on Russian hacking to DNC and Podesta e-mails (which, by the way, were never shown to have been tampered with) that demonstrated without question just how corrupt the Clinton operation, the DNC and the Obama team were, the "New Democrats were refusing to acknowledge that the loss was really due to their own failure, for 30 years, to address the economic absurdity of their own neoliberal policies and positions which devastated middle American working populations. 



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