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Fwd: [DW] Reimagining cities from the internet up

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Reimagining cities from the internet up
by Steven Clift
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Date: Fri, Dec 2, 2016 at 10:04 AM
Subject: Reimagining cities from the internet up
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2 Dec 2016
At the launch of Sidewalk Labs, a little over a year ago, Larry Page wrote
that it was critical "to start from first principles and get a big-picture
view of the many factors that affect city life." So our team of urbanists
and technologists conducted a detailed thought experiment that focused on
the question: What would a city look like if you started from scratch in
the internet era — if you built a city "from the internet up?" In a Sidewalk
Talk post
CEO Dan Doctoroff explains what we've learned from this process, and how we
hope to accelerate urban innovation. Related coverage:
- Sidewalk Labs is eyeing a contest to build its own internet city (The
- Sidewalk Labs Spinoff Could Be Coming to Your City (Next City
- Sidewalk Labs lays out plan for urban development in 2017 (FastCo News
- Sidewalk Labs Might Hold a Contest to Make One City the Most Advanced
in the World (Inc
(Image: Sidewalk Labs)
What we're thinking
*ICYMI:* Speaking of first principles and urbanism, Sidewalk Chief Policy
Officer Rit Aggarwala had a must-read two-part post
on that topic earlier this year. Before we can predict how technology might
shape cities, we have to identify the essential efficiencies — and costs —
of urban environments.
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