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Fwd: Tired of swimming slow?

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Trying to improve your swim times and get faster isn't as easy or linear as you'd hope.

You may get stuck doing the same type of workouts over and over expecting a different result. (Wait isn't that the definition of insanity?)

Or maybe you have a pretty decent swim program to follow with variety in your workouts but you rarely go "race pace" on a regular basis. Can you really expect to get better race times if you never actual practice being your fastest?

Swimming more laps or even swimming more laps in a "hard" way that causes you to want to vomit or curl up in the fetal position doesn't automatically mean you'll race faster.

When you work really hard but see little results for your effort it can be mentally draining. I don't think there's a more frustrating part of swimming, whether you're a swimmer or a coach, as when you work hard but don't get faster.

Isn't swimming supposed to be one of the more "honest" sports? In that if you work hard you'll get rewarded with faster times?

Let me break it to you if you don't already know - just because you train hard in the pool doesn't mean it always leads to getting faster. Don't equate being really tired to getting better. It's just not that simplistic.


PS - If you want some ideas on how to actually train so you can really improve your race times check out this episode of our podcast. It's one of the most popular to date.

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