Friday, March 10, 2017

Fwd: The fruits of hubris

From: John H

Attached are two articles from Consortium News that are tangentially related but should each get your attention in a very visceral way.  The first is particularly chilling in that it describes a peculiar state of mind, which is apparently spreading through the defense department, in which senior military and political officials are convincing themselves that it is conceivable that the US could 'win' a nuclear war with Russia if we strike first.  More importantly, there is at least the suggestion that the sooner such an action can be taken the greater the likelihood of success.  This is clearly an insane premise.  Unfortunately, the second post, written by ex-British diplomat Alastair Crooke, describing in some detail Steve Bannon's worldview makes the premise of the first article much more likely.
I have to say that one, of the many, reasons I opposed Hillary's ascension to the presidency was her long-standing antipathy toward Vladimir Putin and Russia, along with her almost constant willingness to have the US engage in senseless wars all around the world.  Trump at least offered the case that he believed this to be foolhardy; and, while I was not in any way a Trump supporter, this at least seemed a more rational worldview.  Now we know that a Bannon-inspired Trump is no less a risk to the survival of the world than neocon-inspired Hillary.  Trump, on the other hand, has always been a greater threat to the social structure of the nation even though Clinton was no bargain herself.



  1. Dreams of 'Winning" Nuclear War on Russia, PDF
  2. Steve Bannon's Apocalyptic Unravelling, PDF 

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