Monday, March 27, 2017

Fwd: [wplug-announce] WPLUG seeking new leadership and model

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From: Vance K

It's 2017, and neither GNU/Linux nor the movement it sprang from has
shown signs of slowing down. In fact, they're bigger than ever;
according to the Top500 supercomputer rankings, over 95% of the world's
most powerful supercomputers run GNU/Linux. They're also smaller than
ever; Android, the world's most popular smartphone operating system,
uses the Linux kernel.

But what's the right size for free and open source software in Western
Pennsylvania? How can we most effectively reach out to other enthusiasts
in the area? How can we encourage the next generation of community

The Western Pennsylvania Linux Users Group (WPLUG) is seeking a steward
to assume ownership over its name and assets. We recognize that our
traditional concept of a Linux user group (LUG) can no longer sustain an
active user community and that fresh ideas - and a fresh perspective -
are needed.

If chosen, you will serve as WPLUG's "benevolent dictator," to borrow a
phrase from Linus Torvalds, and have the sole authority to ensure its
continued existence. It is expected that you will maintain the present
organization with an eye toward developing a new structure for it. Of
course, one person alone cannot do everything; you will also need to be
able to collaborate with others.

Contact us at <> if you're interested in taking WPLUG to
the next level.

* Knowledge of and passion for the free and open source software
* Ability to respond to inquiries that come in to WPLUG - particularly
  any communications relating to re-activating the organization - in a
  timely manner.
* Knowledge of online hosting sufficient to keep the WPLUG domain name,
  web site, and mailing lists active. Up to 24 months of hosting
  expenses can be funded, but after that you will be responsible.
  Currently this totals about $150 per year. Note that deep technical
  knowledge may not be required; you can (and are encouraged to!)
  recruit others to assist with maintenance tasks.
* Solid commitment to sustaining the present organization.
* Management skills sufficient to delegate tasks and effectively oversee
  those who have been assigned the work. ("Benevolent dictator" stuff
  aside, seriously, don't be a jerk.)

Strongly Desired:
* Demonstrated personal interest in keeping up with developments in the
  free and open source community. Did you make a Raspberry Pi-powered
  pineapple corer in your spare time? Try out a new distribution you saw
  on Distrowatch?
* Experience working in collaborative teams, especially in non-profit or
  other civic organizations.
* Innovative ideas for how to adapt a Linux user group to today's
* Connections in/involvement with the information technology sector in
  Western Pennsylvania.
* Physical presence in Western Pennsylvania.

* Personal experience with open source projects. Show us your Github
  profile, Wikipedia or OpenStreetMap history, etc.!
* Willingness to plan and hold WPLUG events during the transition to the
  new organizational structure.
* Outgoing nature and ability to connect with locals interested in free
  and open source software who can contribute their efforts to
  revitalize the organization.
* Sufficient physical space to store items that may be useful for future
  events (10 to 50 cubic feet).

* Intent to retain stewardship when the King of Gondor returns.

Vance Kochenderfer
Chair, Western Pennsylvania Linux Users Group
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