Monday, May 01, 2017

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From: John H

Attached is an interesting partial history of neoconservatism in the U.S.  I refer to it as a partial history as it doesn't delve too much into more recent history nor does it refer at all to the close attachment of most of hardcore neoconservatives to hardline Israeli government policies and interests – particularly in the Middle East where the U.S. has been doing Israel's bidding by destroying several otherwise stable, though brutal and undemocratic governments via direct military action.  In my opinion this cannot be separated from the other political descriptions of this group.  It also fails to recognize that there are two, not one, conspiratorial operation at work, both of which deliberately manufacture lies, deceit and confusion for the purpose of gaining and maintaining power.  The other of note is neoliberalism.  Neoconservatism and neoliberalism are not two-sides of the same coin, even though some of those identified with one group are also identified with the other in those areas where their goals coincide.  Thus, there is great confusion among the populace about which is which and which policies and politics are identified with which group.

I am convinced that no effective strategies can be effected unless people come to understand the motives and modes of operation of these two core conspiratorial players and how they evolve strategies to maintain the populace in and quiescent, confused and distracted state.  And, in particular, how each manages to maintain different groups within the populace, who are nominally allies on many issues, constantly at war with one-another.  So do read this, it is rather long, but informative for what it does say and lacking for what it doesn't.



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