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Issue #22
Friday 24th November 2017

Welcome to Badge News from We Are Open Co-op! Our regular newsletter keeps the Open Badges community informed of what's going on, in-and-around the ecosystem. Thank you for subscribing!

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This week's featured article has been chosen by Credly, who recently released a new guide for practitioners. They say it "offers actionable strategies to bring serious speed to your work with industry partners as you develop meaningful credentials to recognize your learners' skills and competencies". 

Partnering with Employers to Create Workforce-Relevant Credentials: A Field Guide

An extract:

"In Colorado, we found that employer-driven digital credentials helped our graduates to better articulate their skills -- and allowed regional employers to identify untapped talent," said Brenda Perea, the Director of Education and Workforce Solutions at Credly. "Digital credentials and badges cannot be designed or delivered in a vacuum. This guide is rooted in a belief that employer engagement matters, and shares the experiences of institutions that have flipped the credentialing model through collaboration with employers up front."

Latest news

Pearson, WTF? Badges, patents, and the world's 'least popular' education company

Pearson, WTF? Badges, patents, and the world's 'least popular' education company

Doug Belshaw reports on news that Pearson is attempting to patent digital credentials at the same time as chairing the IMS Global Learning Consortium's working group on Open Badges.

University of Melbourne First in Asia-Pacific to Issue Recipient-Owned Blockchain Records

Competency-Based Micro-credentials are Transforming Professional Learning

This article from 'Getting Smart' explains what microcredentials are (and are not) as well as linking out to some useful videos and blog posts for further reading.

More details on Badge Wiki

Open Badges Summit 2017: Modern Employment and Digital Credentials

The first IMS Global Learning Consortium and Digitalme European Open Badges Summit will bring together high-profile employers, members of civil service, education and commercial product leaders to share, learn and discuss the technology, people and climate that make Open Badges work. Special tracks have been designed for technical and non-technical attendees.

(1st December, London)

Open Badges from RNIB Scotland

Open Badges from RNIB Scotland

We've featured the work of the Scottish Social Services Council before in Badge News. Recently, they've helped the Royal National Institute for the Blind to develop badges for those caring with people with sight loss.

OpenWorm badge system

OpenWorm badge system

We're always on the lookout for interesting examples of badges, and this one is great. The OpenWorm badge system "gives biologists and computationalists unfamiliar with Caenorhabditis elegans developmental biology a chance to get their feet wet by taking a multidisciplinary approach to the topic". Fascinating!

Have you read a great article about badges you'd like us to include in an upcoming issue? Get in touch with a link!
Badge Wiki

Badge Wiki

This new knowledge base for the Open Badges community will be launched at the European Badge Summit on December 1st! It is being built by We Are Open Co-op with help from volunteers, and made possible by Participate.

We held our last barn raising this last week. Be sure to join the Loomio group to receive updates and to get involved!

Innovative uses of badges

Google Local Guides badges
Althought not (yet!) open badges, Google has introduced four digital badges as part of their local guide programe through Google Maps. These badges encourage particular behaviours on the platform, such as "being the first to add, review, or take a photo of a place".


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