Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Fwd: Be There Contest!

Funny. The Be There Campaign notice came one day before the deadline for the entry.

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Subject: Be There Contest!

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My name is CV (webmaster edited) and I am a new team member here at United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania with the Be There Campaign. I wanted to kick-off my start with figuring out a way to engage with the region and celebrate school attendance. I thought that a contest would be the perfect opportunity to do so! I know that you are a participant of a past Be There Contest, so I wanted to reach out to see if you would be interested in this one too!


Everyday our students enter through doors to places of learning. The contest requires groups of students (homerooms, clubs, organizations, etc) to pick a door in their school or organization and decorate it to show what it looks like when that room has excellent attendance for any given day. My hope is that when students see the door they chose to decorate throughout the year, they are reminded that the room is a better place when everyone is there!


Here is the link to sign-up: More information is provided in the link including prizes and ideas. The deadline is November 30th, but I know that this date is quickly approaching, so if you need a little extra time to organize a group that is no problem just let me know! I hope you are able to join in on this fun opportunity to celebrate attendance!


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