Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Fwd: The Democrats are coming on . . .

From: John H

Well here we go, the establishment Democrats and the DNC are, in the light of 2016's cataclysmic losses, now pushing extra hard to . . . do the same old things in 2018.  Some would characterize this as being stone-deaf to the prevailing attitudes of the electorate.  But the real culprit is almost certainly an unwillingness to wean the Party from tits of big finance and the corporate military/industrial/security complex to which the 'New Democrats' are hopelessly wedded.  Instead of supporting insurgent candidates with wide popular support, the Party is determined to run the same old tired slate of 'moderate' corporatists who can self-finance or raise lots of corporate cash.  This is both a foolish and a losing strategy and will most certainly backfire on the Party and the nation at a time when the world desperately needs progressive victories in coming elections.

The attached article is rather long, but it clearly documents how the Party has done everything in its power to discourage and defeat progressive candidates with popular support all around the nation – and, in most cases, have suffered grievous losses as a result.  The article identifies some of the third-party insider groups which cling tenaciously to Party dogma even when it means a race which could have been won will be lost.  This is a terrible state of affairs when real harm is the outcome of these losses.   It's way past time for the Democratic Party elite to come down from their high-horse and admit that the 2016 debacle was not the result of any alleged Russian interference, but their own stubborn adherence to corrupting corporate largesse from which most of these so-called leaders handsomely benefit personally – and, in particular, their handpicked campaign consultants who formulate and direct so many losing campaigns.


Article: The Dead Enders, PDF

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