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Fwd: Your 2018 Recruiting Game Plan

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Recruiting tips and tricks for the new year
NCSA Team Edition

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Welcome to 2018!
The new year is traditionally a time to look ahead and create goals to be productive in the months to come. As you think about your resolutions for 2018, consider what you'd like to accomplish in your recruiting strategy. What worked in 2017 and what needs to change?
If you're looking for some recruiting inspiration, NCSA Team Edition user Scott Barker of Case Batbusters has a few pieces of advice: "Learn how the recruiting process works so you can truly guide your players and their parents through the recruiting journey. I'd also say be honest with college coaches, players and parents. Honesty and integrity will go a long way to developing a good reputation, which is essential."
At NCSA, our goals for the new year are simple: Continue to improve our recruiting resources so coaches, athletes and families can better navigate the complex recruiting process. We have a lot of ideas to put into action in 2018, but we're always looking for feedback.
Is there a particular piece of content that would really help your families? Is there an aspect of the recruiting process that you'd like more clarity on? If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please send them to
And, as always, happy recruiting!
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