Wednesday, January 10, 2018

More Bike Lanes -- as I've got some experience with them in Chengdu, China

More bike lanes! Because, some day, I'm going to be the one in the back seat! Plus, the brakes on that sucker didn't work so much. The brake on the bar for the front tire flew off the first time I applied pressure, flipping forward. The only real stopping power came from the sick break, in the middle of the frame. To stop, push downward. The question was always, use both hands to turn away from the crash, and be with less grip in the pending collision. Or, put a hand on the brake while reaching downward getting out of balance, but protecting some other vulnerable body positions.

I am born in the year of the rooster -- as per the story at The Moth.

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stonethrower said...

God save us from the infernal bike lanes! Moral preening (by Mayor Potato and his ilk) at its finest.
It's Pittsburgh. We have winter. It already costs 5,000$ a minute to park in Oakland or downtown.
Maybe, if the lanes were somehow removable in the winter.