Saturday, March 17, 2018

Gladfly talks about how to oppose without becoming a monster

Another blogger, "Gladfly" wrote something that is a bit odd with this statement:
If we tolerate the intolerant, if we give them equal time to offer their point of view and don’t aggressively counter their views, they will inevitably resort to violence and wipe our side out.

The KEY, IMHO, is the "EQUAL TIME" part. Of course, EQUAL TIME has at its root an AGGRESSIVE COUNTER.

There is a lot of value to EQUAL TIME. If equal time was much more prevalent, then we'd have less troubles. It is much like an escape value.

So, when the race for the US Congress #D18, had closed debates with only Saccone and Lame, the R and the D, but did not include the L -- BIG PROBLEMS. The hope of equal time vanished. The media freeze out of the third party means that the 1-on-1 race can get overly negative.

Furthermore, the folks on the fringe see that the democratic process is hopeless.They don't vote.They further depart normal society. They have grounds to be unto themselves, festering -- and that can easily lead to violence.

Screw you WTAE, KDKA, WESA. The PG too. What they did is not at all close to equal time. Even CNN didn't put the 3rd party candidate's name and vote total on the screen in its election night coverage until that vote total was 2x the margin between the D and R. #FAIL.


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