Friday, March 09, 2018

PPS Teachers are voting on their contract offer

I offered some input in a discussion on Facebook in a thread of a PFT teacher.

I posted.

Brava! You make a good case.

One tiny counter-point: There are public hearings when the board and the administration (you called them "they") get to listen to suggestions and concerns. Of course, the time to do that was months ago -- not when sparks were flying. Furthermore, written remarks are always able to be submitted. I trust that they are read, but who knows. To me, that is the focus group and meeting of consequence. Wants and needs for city taxpayers, students, families, government, employees, and all the other interest groups and stakeholders should be able to have a viable input forum. It happens monthly.

I do wish for a bit more transparency.
Plus, I hope that a strike is avoided.
Finally, I wonder about the details of sports coaching within the contract. But, I guess I can wait a bit longer to see what's what.

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