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Mark --

As if we aren't already fighting enough wars, we're now declaring war on Mexico, Canada and Europe. (Last time I checked, most of those were our allies.)

Granted -- and thankfully, President Trump didn't declare a shooting war against our neighbors to the north, south, and in Europe. But Thursday, he certainly declared a trade war, slapping 25% tariffs on steel from Mexico, Canada and the EU, along with a 10% tariff on aluminum.

Nobody wins a trade war. Costs for consumers and businesses go up. Relations with important allies are damaged, and ultimately, more jobs are lost than can ever be "protected".

There's no secret here. Economists, employers, and yes, even most of the politicians know that punishing trading partners never ends well. So why do we let our President do it?

It's a perfect example of the paralysis the Two Party Duopoly has given us.Too many Democrats buy into the myth that protectionism saves jobs for their union supporters. And all those "free-market" Republicans? Well...Far too many of them are scared of their President.

The result: Congress won't do anything. Just like with the debt, the wars and the never-ending growth of government. Just like the real wars that are costing American lives and billions of our dollars, the politicians won't put a stop to Trump's trade wars.

Where are the voices telling the truth -- that free markets, not government, create jobs, and that punishment in the form of tariffs and taxes is the enemy of Liberty? Well...those voices are being silenced by the Two-Party Duopoly. They can't get on the ballot because the Republicans and Democrats put up impossible obstacles to doing so. And they can't even get on the debate stage because the duopoly rigs the rules against them.

That has to STOP. That's why Our America has launched our Stop the Duopoly campaign, and that's why we need supporters like you to step up. One thing you can do today is simply share this video with your friends, your social media pages and your fellow advocates for Liberty.

The latest video from OAI...

Please help by sharing the "Stop the Duopoly" video.

Americans need a voice, and they need a way to stand up to the Duopoly. There is no "them" who will speak out and stand up. There is "us".

Over the next several weeks, we will be producing more videos, holding live on-line events, providing training for advocates, and holding rallies at major Liberty events. The key is to educate and mobilize -- and that is precisely what we are doing.

Share the video. Tell your friends to join our campaign, and yes, if you can, make a contribution that will help us succeed in what may be the most important campaign of this year and years to come.

Policies won't change until the politics change -- and the politics won't change until we break up the Two-Party Duopoly.


Let's do it!

Gov Gary Johnson

Honorary Chair, Our America Initiative


  membership chairman 

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