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Fwd: Pioneering: Why Do Grades Hold So Much Power Over Our Children's Futures?

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Subject: Pioneering: Why Do Grades Hold So Much Power Over Our Children's Futures?

Pioneering: Why Do Grades Hold So Much Power Over Our Children's Futures?
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Dear Pioneers,

In partnership with ATTN: and 180 Studio, the fourth and final installment of our series exploring the "whys" of traditional education is live!

In this latest video and article, Dr. Ulcca Joshi Hansen explores the history of our traditional A-F grading system, which takes all the wonder of what a child has learned and discovered and presents it with a single letter or percentage.

Following this exposition, Dr. Joshi Hansen provides evidence for the deleterious effects the grading system and GPA's have on learners throughout their academic journeys. And, she proposes one of many ways to reimagine learning assessments and the potential these new models hold for both young people and adults.
Watch the fourth video in the Why Series: Why Grades?
Of course, traditional schooling is not the only place assessment systems like this exist. In companies and organizations around the world, standardized assessments are used to sort and rank employees. This begs the question, why are we so focused on comparing ourselves to some arbitrary average?

If you'd like to explore more on this topic, we highly recommend checking out the work of Todd Rose. His book, The End of Average, provides a strong case against the existence of an average human being. If such a person doesn't exist, why do we use it as a measuring stick?

Education Reimagined

P.S. On Tuesday evening, we sent out the first issue of Pioneering Weekly. In it, we featured a story from Tessa Simonds, a learner from One Stone in Boise, ID. We made a mistake in saying she lived in Utah and apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

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Are we okay with the fact that letter grades and GPA's heavily determine the future paths our children travel? This question and more explored by @Ulcca and @EdReimagined #edreimagined #edchat

What if learning assessments were more than just a grade or a percentage? What would you want to know about your learner's journey? Hear more on this from @Ulcca and @EdReimagined #edreimagined #edchat

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The fourth and final installment of the Why Series from @EdReimagined, @ATTN, and @thisis180 is live! Have you ever wondered why we use a single grade or percentage to measure "success"? What if we reimagined how we assess learning? What would we include?

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Education Reimagined, in partnership with ATTN: and 180 Studio, just launched the final video in a four-part series exploring the "whys" of traditional education. This video explores why we use grades and GPA's to singularly determine the dynamic and complex nature of learning. What do you think? Should we reimagine how we assess learning?
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