Saturday, October 06, 2018

Fwd: Fascism comes to America

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From: John H

In Fahrenheit 11/9 Michael Moore brilliantly demonstrated just how close the United States Donald Trump, Mitch McConnel and the Republican controlled Congress is to adopting German style fascism.  The movie was completed prior to either of the two attached articles on this same subject were published.  The first attached article references the second, but both should be taken with utmost seriousness.  The prospect of this nation adopting a purely fascist one-party dictatorial government is not nearly as farfetched as most of us may believe.  We are, I believe, only one false-flag terrorist incident (think 9/11) away from the American version of the Reichstag Fire which brought Hitler to power in Germany. 

If you haven't been fortunate enough to have seen Fahrenheit 11/9 because, as I initially thought, it is just another Michael Moore film of the same vein and I'm tired of those, do your best to see it before it disappears from theaters (which it may already have done since it was panned in the media and lightly attended) or, failing that rent or buy it when it is released in the secondary market.  It is that good, that disturbing and that important.  In my opinion at least, our current circumstances are, for a number of compelling reasons, the most dangerous and difficult this nation and this people have ever faced.  When, combined with the massive climate destabilization, the nationalist politics of fear and loathing of the other, and the wholesale sellout by both political parties to global corporatist, financial, military and security interests, a move to totalitarian control will leave little or no hope for the future of a living planet and the lives of those inhabiting it.

This is deadly serious and its prospect can no longer be ignored.  We must somehow come together to do all we can as citizens of this nation and fellow travelers on Earth to insure that those responsible for this are stopped and the processes leading to our destruction are reversed.  In this, there is no viable alternative.  It's past time that we rise up as one and fight the powers which seem to be determined to destroy all life in the name of greed and power.


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