Monday, June 28, 2004

[412] Celebrate our freedom -- July 4 house and park party w badminton

Hi Friends of Freedom,

You are invited to our July 4th party. Hope you can make it this year.

Come at or after 6 pm on July 4.


We are starting a little earlier this year as we'll play badminton and
other games in the park by our house. We have something for every age and
ability. So come to the house or directly to the park at 6 pm (or any time

Badminton is a popular world-wide, full-medal Olympic sport. We obtained
some equipment from CHINA, where they have OPEN REC CENTERS and coaches.
We'll share. We'll even tell you a little bit about our five week trip if
you ask.

Games are slated for the Armstrong Park, on 12th Street between East
Carson and Sarah Streets. The park is one short block from our house, 108
South 12th Street. We are at the corner of 12th Street and Bradish, a gray,
wood frame. Look for the "Fire Mayor Murphy" sign in the front window.

Games in the park start at 6 pm, crafts at the house, water
balloon toss, regatta fireworks at dark (9:30-ish). We supply lemonaide,
chips, cups, napkins, spoons, forks (sometimes we even manage a fruit
salad). If you want other drinks and snacks please feel free to bring them
along. We have several beds to rest babies if little ones fizzle before

Don't miss the fun. Let's spend an evening smashing "birdies" around the
park -- birdies, not skeet.

FYI, we're inviting V.P., Dick Cheney as well. (His fax: 202-456-2461)
He might be 'game,' as he'll be in Pittsburgh at Soldiers & Sailors' Hall in
Oakland around noon on the 4th.

Confirmed out-of-town guests include our nephew, Cameron (Middleburry
College and his state's top student in 2003 ACT score) and Aunt Debbie

For more insights:
Mark at
cell = 412-298-3432

- - -
Closing Pointer and Rant:

Today (sunny to 6 pm, high of 74-degrees) the public pools within the
city closed at 2 pm. And, the Post-Gazette story from today, (must read)

sums up conditions in a part of the city. We (Pgh Interfaith Impact
Network's Youth Task Force) were PROHIBITED from installing a computer lab,
at no charge to the city, at the Warrington Rec Center. Sigh.

A majority on City Council is set to squander their rights and
independence. Council bargained for our city to enter into a "distressed
status." The mayor rejoiced in its arrival. Within hours, our elected
council is set to yield to the unelected of oversight boards and appointed

Elected city leaders: "Duty isn't pragmatic!" Pittsburgh's "UN-American"
mode of operation aims for solutions that are one step better than the worst
possible, again. To heal and soar takes much more.

Loyalist (loyal to King George) of 1776 didn't have to face scornful
emails wedged within an invite to cherish and celebrate at a free 4th of
July party. How sad for them. Thanks for reading and do consider a visit to
the South Side on the 4th. And as always, thanks for your dissent.


Mark Rauterkus http://Play.CLOH.Org
xCoach at http://CLOH.Org
412-298-3432 = cell

PS: - - - Other dates - - -
Invite 2: July 9, Club Cafe, concert with Mindy Simmons
(singer/songwriter). Theme: "This IS America." http://S6.CLOH.Org

Invite 3: July 11, Sunnyhill Sunday Service at 10:30 am --
Intergenerational Service and Music. Theme: "Consider the Source."

Invite 4: I'm slated for a radio show, 1360 AM, on July 1 at 7:20 am to
talk about the ACT 47, Pittsburgh and a pending edition of the Park District
Proposal. http://DSL.CLOH.Org/v1/ Email your thoughts now.

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