Tuesday, June 15, 2004

[412] Re-tooling sessions for the ACT 47 PLAN -- after a dip in the swim pool

Hi Neighbors,

Summary -- invites:
1. Today's public comments provided to City Council:
2. June 16, TV Show of Community Forum (read position paper)
3. June 17, South Vo Tech High School Community Forum
4. June 18, Green Sanctuary Benefit Concert at Sunnyhill.org
5. Brewing REVIVAL. Reject the Act 47 plan and COUNTEROFFER.

Last month, all had agreement that the 'Save Our Summer' efforts was a
BAND-Aid upon a BAND-Aid. Some of the pools are to open tomorrow. Yeah!
However, opening limited swim pools might have really been just a new
BAND-Aid for a corpse. Is the body dead?

Last chance to catch the TV broadcasting of the community forum on PCTV
21 is from 7 to 8 pm WEDNESDAY, (in about 24 hours), June 16. If you don't
have cable, email me off line and I'll try to share my tape.

While some of the pools open, some of the schools are closing, including
South Vo Tech High School -- and Connelley Tech School for adult education.
Thursday, June 17, we'll gather at South Vo Tech High School Library at
6:30 pm to talk in another community meeting. You're invited. See South

Green Sanctuary benefit concert:
On Friday June 18, at 7:30 pm, Jim Scott, http://www.jimscottmusic.com,
holds a concert at Sunnyhill.Org. Advance is $8.00/adult and $10/adult at
the door. Kids are $4 and $6, respectively.
Call Amy at the church (voice: 412-561-6277 --- fax: 412-561-6592) to
reserve the ticket, and pay at the door.

Some concerned citizens and leaders are starting to buck for City
Council to REJECT the ACT 47 Plan. A better plan can be crafted and made
into a counter offer. I expect that the counter offer would include elements

Version two of the position paper is starting to take shape. New sources
of revenues are getting examination.
For example: PA House Bill 1216 from 2003 gets more than $9-million per
year for the city -- or better yet -- for the NEW Pittsburgh Park District.
Mr. Ludwig predicts and documents $50-million in a SODA (Pepsi / Coke) deal
to happen mostly AT THE PARKS. The Citizens Police Academy, located in a
PARK, can get an upgrade and be made to MAKE money and offers services to
other areas beyond the city.

In a NUTSHELL, the ACT 47 Plan just released Friday, in my humble opinion,
is NOT good enough. It can be made better, much better.

If you'd like to help with input or debate on issues within and without the
ACT 47 Plan -- and be document centric to craft a COUNTER, then we're
meeting with others at 7 pm on FRIDAY at Ritters, a diner, 5221 Baum Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15224. Their phone (for directions only) is 412-682-4852. By
the way, I'm NOT going to CHAIR this meeting -- but will be an active
supporter / participant.

As always, thanks for listening and doing all you do for our shared


Mark Rauterkus http://Play.CLOH.Org
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PS2: If you have no idea who I am -- we can fix that at our annual 4th of
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PS3: Photos and more insights from our China trip might take a couple of
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