Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Citizens Works (letter)

Letter was passed among many at a public hearing in City Council Chambers concerning the looming vote on Act 47

Citizens Voice

June 22, 2004

Dear Neighbors,

Thank you for your interest, care and open remarks concerning our city. It is great to hear perspectives of citizens and public employees. To prosper, all of Pittsburgh must have the opportunity to speak freely. Your comments get noticed among some citizens. Thanks again.

A number of people have been gathering to make "better plans" for Pittsburgh. These plans evolve out of statements such as yours.

Please, you are invited to send a copy of your statement in an email to:

People from Lawrenceville, Squirrel Hill, South Side and elsewhere are stitching the various remarks into alternative plans.

Parts of the Act 47 plans, and some initial statements from the I.C.A. (Oversight Board), are good. Other parts are NOT. All in all, the plans now on the table are NOT good enough.

We can do better. We must do better. The decline of Pittsburgh has been ugly. Furthermore, a recovery can't occur with lame plans and performances.

Issues and solutions that perk among us can't fit within this short thank you note and invite. However, trust that they are growing stronger, with your help, and many are on the internet now.

Open archives allow others to see postings. Subscribe to the NEW mailing list to stay in the loop or debate the merits of the ideas. Surf to http://CLOH.Org.

Thanks for the consideration.

(Names of some citizens deleted from blog.)

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