Thursday, June 03, 2004

[via China] Re: [noise] A call to action!

Hi All and Cori,

One suggestion from another was to get a legal opinion before you proceed in additional directions. With a legal opinion understood, then the conversations with others (elected officials, etc.) can be more measured.

As to the free speech matter --- I'd say, "That RIGHT, among others, is messy." Ours is a small price to pay. With RIGHTs come responsibilities -- within all sectors. Even as bystanders we must be more responsible from time to time.

By the way, I did see the photos and trucks in both the South Side and in Oakland for many days. I too have a 6-year old, our second child. But, as a point of contrast from China, I'd assume that those posters wouldn't fly here. And furthermore, second children are not permitted. To explain 'the more than one child freedom' to a family with more than one child becomes quite personal.

short snip --- but rather the pictures they use on their placards being that I had to explain to my then 6 year old the images she was seeing. I am furious at this manipulative method of getting one's point across. I am a avid believer in free speech, however, this group, whoever they are, show very poor
judgement and I will not tolerate it in my community. I hope that many of you feel the same way.
--- end snip

So, we agree with the poor judgement part, but don't agree on how much to tolerate in community. Being free means we have to take it all, and explain / teach the younger ones all about living in an open society. IMNSHO, people should be free to show their poor judgements.

For me it is 9:30 am on Friday -- while you all are at 9:30 pm on Thursday. We are on the other side of the world -- as I type -- and Cori, we are on different sides of the issue as to what to do NEXT. Tell Abby (the kdis) that everything in China does NOT look upside down. However, we've discovered that it is much more difficult to run backwards without falling. At a recent sports practice we noticed that the kids from China were more skilled at running fast while moving backward than blond haired kids from North America. Kids from China do tumble from time to time, but not nearly as frequently. Our theory holds that it might be nearly impossible to run your second leg of a race in an over-and-back fashion, all while backwards. Just be warned. There might be something about being over here and running backwards in an "over-and-back race" that trips you..... just a hunch.

Well, here is hoping that the next time I see you ---- you're not going backwards.....

PS: today is our last full day in Chengdu. Catherine's class ended yesterday. To Hong Kong on Saturday. Then to Chicago on Tuesday.

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