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Cool Job posting for anyone looking

National Fatherhood Initiative Job Description

Position: Healthcare Program Specialist (HPS)

Status: Exempt

Hours: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM; with occasional evenings and weekends

Travel: Variable; might average 20 – 30% of time

Location: Pittsburgh, PA (Telecommute)

General Description: Under the supervision of the Director of Healthcare Programming, the Healthcare Program Specialist (HPS) will be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Pittsburgh Daddy Pack™ Project. This responsibility will include assisting the Director in providing training programs and technical assistance services to agencies, funders and community leaders to make the project a success. The HPS may, from time to time, be involved in NFI’s work on a national level (see Secondary Responsibilities below).

Primary Responsibilities (Pittsburgh and Surrounding Area):

* Implement and manage the Pittsburgh Daddy Pack™ (DP) Project following the guidelines set forth in the final proposal.
* Manage the Pittsburgh DP Project budget.
* Work closely with Director of Evaluation to provide necessary evaluation data generated by the Pittsburgh DP Project.
* Deliver bi-weekly reports to the Director on the progress of the project against the project plan for the Pittsburgh DP Project.
* Conduct Doctor Dad™ training institutes associated with the Pittsburgh DP Project*. Work with the Director and other NFI staff and new contacts to develop a calendar of training dates.
* Write call reports (i.e., summaries) of key meetings and phone calls, conferences and other events associated with the Pittsburgh DP Project and submit them to the Director, NFI senior management and other staff whose work is affected by the outcome of those events.
* Track the provision of technical assistance associated with the Pittsburgh DP Project and deliver a monthly report to the Director.

Secondary Responsibilities (National Level):

* Promote and sell NFI’s healthcare products and services.
* Deliver a bi-weekly Product Promotion report to the Director that includes contact information (e.g., name of potential customer, phone number, etc.) and the results of contacts made against this responsibility.
* Assist the Director in developing and executing an annual tactical plan for healthcare programming that is consistent with NFI’s overall strategic plan.

* When necessary, assist appropriate NFI staff who coordinates the marketing and logistics (e.g., securing training locations and registering participants) of Doctor Dad™ training institutes.
* Assist the director in identifying and developing tactical alliances related to healthcare programming. The primary purpose of these alliances is to increase the distribution of healthcare products and services. This responsibility requires the ability to effectively deliver NFI’s standard presentation on NFI and the Healthcare Programming standard presentation.
* Participate in exhibiting and presenting opportunities as they arise.
* Prepare training institute and technical assistance contracts and quotes for review by the Director.
* Assist NFI development staff in grant proposal preparation for funding sources for healthcare programming. When necessary, provide development staff with content for proposals.
* Assist in acquiring evaluation data on the products and services within healthcare programming.
* Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements:

* Passionate about fatherhood and related issues
* Excellent training and facilitation skills
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills
* Comfort with and ability to sell products and services
* 2 to 3 years experience managing large-scale service-delivery projects
* Proficient use of computer software applications, especially Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
* Outstanding customer relations and organizational skills
* Bachelors Degree

Preferred Qualifications (not required):

* Degreed medical professional (e.g., RN, LPN, NP, PA, MD and DO)
* Sales background, especially in the healthcare field
* In-depth knowledge of the fatherhood movement and field
* Grant writing experience
* Experience in public speaking
* Bilingual (English and Spanish)

*Training institutes are NFI’s “train the facilitator” events. NFI does not conduct workshops for fathers.

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