Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Some guys give "INDEPENDENT" status a bad reputation

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Home Sen. Joe Lieberman filed to run for re-election in November as an independent, saying Wednesday it would be 'irresponsible and inconsistent with my principles' to quit. But Democratic leaders in Washington rallied around the man who beat him for the nomination, Ned Lamont.
Leiberman isn't an INDEPENDENT. He should run as the JOE Leiberman Party, not with an "I" next to his name. (snicker on the word play)


Perhaps Joe should be of the wild card party. In *nix speak, that could be with a * next to his party designation.

Furthermore, if he wins -- then what? Does he go right back to being an D?

In PA, we've got a no two bites from the same apple rule. So, Joe would be out of luck.

But in PA, we'd have held our primary in May -- not August. I sorta like the late PRIMARY concept.

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