Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Rant at Pittsblog comments about the 'creative class' thread

Here are some comments I just inserted over in Pittsblog's blog.

Woops. This thread skipped along. As to the call way at the top...

"To thrive, one needs to stay?"

"Please elaborate."

My performance metric is about getting the region "to thrive." (or to thrive again) I don't want Lycos just to have a consumer brand buzz darling. I want to have a region that thrives -- and that might include the potential of a number of Fortune 500 companies -- and many other start-ups, etc.

To thrive, we can't be a revolving door. The region can't really deliver prosperity if it only does 'tech development' and not marketing, or finance, or whatever.

The region can't hitch a wagon to only healthcare, or only education, or only NIH research.

A jungle has diversity, rich eco density -- like a rain forest, right. We have to take care of all age groups, all income levels, all classes (or have none), and all neighborhoods -- so opportunity can ooze from every imagination and performer.

So, to elaborate on my shorthanded statement above, ... For the region to thrive, the economy (business environment) has to have all the bases covered. We need assets in all the realms within our reach. In sports speak, the team that we field as a region needs to have players for all the roles and all the necessary positions.

By the way, the STEELERS have done okay without the need to ever field a cheerleading squad. Cheerleaders are not necessary for a winning team.

Meanwhile, doctors need nurses, administrators, rehab specialists, facilities and patients -- plus a marketplace that pays its bills on time and doesn't cost an arm nor a leg for malpractice insurance.

The Steelers can't carry six QBs and say screw the defensive linemen positions.

I'm saying, I have an appreciation for the diversity of work that needs to be accomplished -- and -- we all have to be part of the puzzle in all sorts of roles. And, a region that puts everyone into the game in helpful ways -- call that bench strength. That's the ticket for the region to thrive in the long run.

Or, put another way, ONE key player isn't going to make or break a region.

In the huddles of life, we all can't be the one calling the plays.

So, when you are "more creative" you'd be able to be a change agent and slip into other roles -- wear different hats at different times or in different situations. Fine. Slash and #86 were exciting to watch. But, the roots of the problem for our region resides within in our lack of depth in the farm system -- HOME GROWN. We don't have diversity of strengths as an asset. (i.e., I agree the region is really thin in terms of senior, middle management who can lead risk-content-creative ventures N@.

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