Friday, September 25, 2009

Hi Ed!

Luke should buy this women a new pair of pants.

Oakland need not look like this.

I'm not sure it this was today. I think it wasn't.


Anonymous said...

Rachel Maddow discussed on her show the overkill by police using a sound system that can permanently affect hearing.

Anonymous said...

The people get what they deserve for not listening to the Police. Every one has to remember that the Police are right even when they are wrong.

Mark Rauterkus said...

I'd not agree.

Nobody is right when they are wrong. When you are right you are right and when you are wrong you are wrong. Same for police.

However, "when" does come into the discussion. There are times for objections. There are other times to prove what was right and what was wrong.

In life, with past, present and future, there are times when it can make more sense to challenge what is wrong. Other times to choose to live another day until that time comes.

Finally, that time, for me, can be different than when that time comes for you.

Anonymous said...

It's not really clear that people had enough time to leave before the sonic system went on.

Anonymous said...

Email about another video from Friday night at Pitt's front door.

What you neglected to mention is that before those actions were taken by law enforcement, some anarchists ran thru the area rolling larsh trash bins into the middle of intersections and setting the trash on fire, and smashed the windows of several businesses including A SMALL AREA restaurant chain. The police had those protesters under control when these stupid Pitt and maybe other students began to interfere with the police and began taunting them. The same kind of shit they did when the Steelers won the Super Bowl last season. At that time they vandalized businesses by breaking windows, and setting not only trash and a couch on fire, but A DOUBLE BUS SHELTER as well. The students invovled over the last two nights had no message to convey. They just wanted to fuck around and do whatever they wanted. Before the police actions were taken, they had been given fair warnings to disperse for at least an hour. I know, because I was there. Oakland is my neighborhood and I DON'T APPRECIATE PEOPLE, WHOEVER THEY ARE OR WHEREVER THEY'RE FROM, TRASHING AND BURNING MY NEIGHBORHOOD. The students who live in my neighborhood are transients. They will be here for maybe four years until they graduate, but I will be living here a long time. They break beer bottles on the streets and sidewalks and leave all kinds of trash around from their parties. I don't condone the trapping of students in the skywalk and stairwells and using chemical and other weapons on them, but those who remained on the streets were in my opinion asking for it. I'm pretty sure that Ron Paul wouldn't have condoned both the anarchists' and the students' actions, being that he favors respect for property rights.

Gary Denese