Monday, September 21, 2009


Monday Morning Quarterbacking the city's leadership.
Permit snafus strike first marches: "At a march for jobs yesterday in the Hill District, police delayed the event at one point, claiming the protesters didn't have a valid permit, even though they did.
The convention center bypass 'isn't private property, it's public property. It's a through street, and they had a permit,' he said.
'The more distressing thing for me is that the first two demonstrations that were the subject of a federal court lawsuit got bungled by the police, and bungled in a way that they tried to restrict activity. It's either sheer incompetence or something more insidious. It's one or the other, and neither is very flattering.'"
The guys in robes make rules that the guys in blue need to know about and obey. Otherwise, people get disjointed in their actions. This is big trouble for the mayor and county executive. The buck stops there with them.

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