Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday's police pinch

Bram is still scratching his head wondering about the most serious injury or serious few injuries sustained by protesters/students on Friday night.


Where to begin? ....

The constitution got its ass kicked.

The oath of office taken by the police bullies got its eyes smoked.

The trust in the mayor, county executive and chief got toasted.

My rights and their rights as well as your rights are intimately linked.

The loss of rights of a single student is a serious loss to us all.

I wasn't there. But I care. Those rights are my rights too.

Windows can be replaced. Property has cash values that can be measured. But there is a different kind of damage done by the police then, there, that holds no price tag. That damage cut very deeply.

We all lost plenty. As this unfolds, we may never be the same again.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting and informative post by Mark along with the one by Titus North.

However, I wonder about "all this talk regarding RIGHTS." When reading Mr. North's words, I thought he was responding as TIGHTASS NERD. lol My reason is that 'you folks here seem to be advocating no stringent law enforcement of any kind?" UGH If that be the case, then all of us would become "LUCIFERians" and not 'Libertarians' or another type of good category.

Remember that our infamous forefather, James Madison, stated "Men are not angels, so government is indeed necessary." It was with the 'Federalist Papers' and applies to all levels of our society.

Therefore, I say that folks at PITT and everywhere else should have seen the "G-20 happenings" on TV; the Net with YOUTUBE, etc.; and then used other 'more constructive channels' to vent disappointments and frustrations. For example, there's or all the local District 13 Toastmasters clubs.

Learn how to obtain an excellent "Confidence, Leadership, and Service" lifestyle by visiting and becoming part of a local Club/Chapter.

Then real change for you and all can start. Just my 2 cents.

Rick from Western PA/Mt. Washington

Mark Rauterkus said...

Great points on next step Rick. Right on.

Empowerment does being with clear messages and the ability to speak one's mind well.

We'd all be a much better and safer community if we had more reasoned public speech, discourse, discussion and the like.

I am a common-sense Libertarian. I don't think we can nor should abolish all government. But, turning in that direction is fine. The G-20's time here, we turned to the side of stormtroopers and citizen slavery by government.

Both examples are over-statements, of course.

Keep up the good work with Toastmasters. Others, do consider it for yourself.