Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How low can they go?

Harry Reid support group launches ad campaign in
in support of fake tea party candidate!

Fellow Patriots,

This is going to flat out send you into a level of outrage.

Do you remember hearing about Scott Ashjian, the fake third party "tea party" candidate who set up a run for Senate to sabotage Sharron Angle's chances of success in the general election?

The problem Ashjian presented is that he was polling around 5 points. Those same 5 points could elevate Harry Reid to a win in Nevada.

All of the Tea Party groups in Nevada came out in a strong way, joining together to oppose Ashjian's candidacy. Ashjian was neutralized for most of the year... until now.

"The deceptively named Patriot Majority PAC, a pro-Reid and clearly anti-patriot organization, is currently running an ad on conservative radio in Reno Nevada were they mention fake Tea Party candidate Scott Ashjian 4 times reminding voters that he’s still running and on the ballot."

You can read our full post and listen to the ad audio here.

Groups supporting Harry Reid know full well that Scott Ashjian has a chance to sink Sharron Angle and they're going after it with everything they have.

We must stop them.

Click here to view our latest TV ad.

We've got to step up our fight here in Nevada. We're one of the few groups actually located here in Nevada who have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars combating Harry Reid in the media and on the ground.

We can only continue doing this with your help.

Please, right now, consider a contribution to our campaign here in Nevada
. Harry Reid must be defeated.

For Liberty,
-Eric Odom

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