Monday, October 04, 2010

Libertarian Candidates

We have some great candidates running for office this year, and they could use your support in the final weeks before the November 2 election!

Please visit the websites of the candidates in your area to see how you can help or how to contribute to the campaign. You can get a link to the candidate websites at our home page,

Even though our statewide candidates will not appear on the ballot, you can still make a statement for individual liberty, personal responsibility, and limited government by writing in their names on November 2! A list of those candidates and the district candidates appearing on the ballot is included below.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Michael J. "Mik" Robertson

Chairman, Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania

Libertarian Candidates 2010:

Governor/Lt. Governor:
Marakay Rogers/Kat Valleley

US Senator:
Douglas M. Jamison

Representative in Congress, 5th District:
Vernon L. Etzel

Senator in the General Assembly
14th District:
Betsy Summers

28th District:
Ed Gately

45th District (Special Election):
Len Young

Representative in the General Assembly
63rd District:
Michael J. Robertson

64th District:
Vance H. Mays

85th District:
Erik Viker

109th District:
Thomas Anderson

119th District:
Brian Bergman

120th District:
Tim Mullen

196th District:
William Kohler

203rd District:
Mike Muhammad

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