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Libertarian wants some help in PA. Go Tim Mullen, go!

Good luck. Nice opportunity.
Lou J. writes, "I need your help"

I need your help and it is no time to be shy. We are now being attacked everyday because we are a real threat to put a Libertarian in the statehouse, which would be by far the highest office of any elected Libertarian to date. For every two yard signs that goes up, one is stolen. The fact that the 20 year incumbent is going door-to-door and direct mailing a flier against our candidate should tell it all. This is ours to win and with your help we will. As little as $10 from you would be tremendous help.  Thank you. —Lou Jasikoff

A Libertarian is running for State Representative in Pennsylvania, and needs your help.

You have heard it before. You think a Libertarian candidate can't win. Tim Mullen is different and is viable in nearly every measurable way. He needs your help now and the reasons why are listed below. Mullen is positioned to beat a twenty-year incumbent Democrat and needs your donation to increase his chance for success.

If you too are a Libertarian and ready to donate, click here! Otherwise, keep reading.

Tim Mullen is the one race to watch this November.

Never before have either of the old parties considered the Libertarian to be a threat in this district. Mullen has a chance to make history by becoming the first Libertarian to be elected to the State House in Pennsylvania. The Democrats don't want to face Mullen so they are funding the Republican, hoping to erode Mullen's base. The 20 year Democrat incumbent is directly attacking with a door-to-door flier. We need your help to answer this pamphlet. The Democrat is using fear tactics and lies to scare the voter into voting for her.

If you want to challenge the old parties and are ready to donate, click here! Otherwise, keep reading.

Tim Mullen is being taken seriously by the media.

Instead of the typical “also ran” approach to a third-party candidate, every news outlet in Mullen's district is actively covering his campaign, and has put his campaign on the front page of the paper four times. Mullen is a frequent guest on the regional talk radio station. The League of Women Voters is only covering two races in the region, has identified this race as the most hotly contested, and therefore has invited Mullen to participate in the televised debate.

If you are ready to donate to a viable, winnable candidate, click here! Otherwise, keep reading.

Tim Mullen has a resume that makes him electable.

Mullen is a life-long resident of his district and has a career that is the epitomé of service. His military career spanned 1985 through 2008 and includes Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom and he is a Bronze Star recipient.

If you believe we need a representative that will serve the voter, not a ruler that will control your life, click here! Otherwise, keep reading.

Tim Mullen is dedicated.

Since November of 2009, Mullen has been walking the district with his wife and supporters. Mullen has taken time off from his nursing career for the last two months to dedicate to his best effort to the campaign. This is not a trademark campaign:

If you are excited that a candidate is investing shoe leather in his own campaign rather than merely being a placeholder on the ballot, click here! Otherwise, keep reading.

Tim Mullen is approachable.

Mullen is well-read and knowledgeable on the issues, yet has a speaking style that resonates with the common man. America is saying “no” to career politicians with perfect haircuts and tailored suits. The voters sense that Mullen is “one of them” and understands the problems they face.

If you are ready to support a “real” citizen legislator, click here! Otherwise, keep reading.
Tim Mullen is being endorsed by both sides of the aisle.

"Due to the never ending corruption and stagnant political atmosphere caused by career politicians I am supporting Tim Mullen. Tim will bring a breath of fresh air for the hard working taxpayers of Luzerne County."
—John Cordora, 2006 Republican Candidate, 120th District, State of Pennsylvania

"I fully support Tim Mullen for State Representative in the 120th. Tim has lived in the area his entire life; Tim has done three tours in Iraq; he is a Bronze Star recipient and Tim is NOT a career politician! Tim fought for all of us in Iraq and now it's time we fight for Tim Mullen!"
—Joyce Dombroski-Gebhardt Republican Committeewoman, 5th District NE PA/ Luzerne County.

“ I support Tim Mullen for State Representative because I believe Phyllis Mundy has become too comfortable in her position and that we need new representation in Harrisburg. Tim will bring new insight to property tax relief, strong moral values and he will change the old school mentality of our state and local governments."
—Kurt Santayana, Elected Democrat Luzerne Councilman

"I am endorsing Tim because of his Property tax elimination pledge to the people of the 120th. No other candidate will make this pledge"
—Michael J. Baloga Republican Wyoming Boro Coucilman

Of course, Mullen also has the support of freedom-minded groups as well.

"If we had more individuals like Tim who are sincere in bringing back democracy to our country we would be again the leading country in the world. Its been my pleasure to know Tim and to support him in his efforts to change the climate in this State. We’ve only just begun. Thank you for all your hard work."
—Grace Griffin, President CAPTAXES

"Hopefully we can replicate this organization in a number of cities across PA for the 2012 election. It is worth getting the word out about this campaign so others can look at it for ideas and inspiration."
—Mik Robertson, Chair Pennsylvania Libertarian Party

"Putting a Libertarian in the statehouse, breaks the glass ceiling. This is within our grasp. Help us make history and shatter the myth a third party candidate cannot win." We can with your help!
—Lou Jasikoff, Chair Northeast Pennsylvania Libertarian Party, Former Chair NJLP

If you are ready to help a candidate with broad-based support, click here! Otherwise, keep reading.

Tim Mullen is ready to serve you.

No matter where you live in Pennsylvania, Tim Mullen will be your representative in Harrisburg. Tim's goals benefit every freedom lover in the state, not just District 120.

Tell me more about what Tim will do. Otherwise, keep reading.

It's up to you.

We need your help and anything and everything helps to insure success. Together we can do this!

Visit and donate today, or call 570-285-3500 or 570-285-3501. Checks and money orders can be mailed to

Vote Mullen
193 Riverside Drive
Factoryville, PA 18419

The following information MUST be provided with donations:

First Name: ___________________ MI: ___ Last Name: __________________________
Street Address: ____________________________________________________________
City: _____________________________________________________________________
State: _________________________________ Zip Code: _________________________
Phone: (____) __________________________
E-mail: ___________________________________________________________________

* Employer name, address and your occupation are required for donations exceeding $250

* Employer: _______________________________________________________________
*Employer Full Address: ____________________________________________________
* Occupation: _____________________________________________________________

Please do NOT send cash. As per Campaign Finance Law, corporate donations cannot be accepted. Anonymous donations are prohibited.

In order to donate please confirm that:
(1) This contribution is made from my own funds and will not be reimbursed by any other person or entity;
(2) This contribution is not made from the treasury funds of a corporation, labor union, or national bank;
(3) I am a U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted permanent U.S. resident (e.g., a "green card holder"); and
(4) I am not personally a federal-government contractor (employees of government contractors may contribute)

Note* - Contributions are not deductible for federal or state income tax purposes

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