Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Athletic Business: Study Probes Criminal Records of College Football Players

Athletic Business Newswire - Study Probes Criminal Records of College Football Players

Pitt didn't do well in this evaluation. When there are more arrests than wins, it isn't good.

But this article plants the problem on that of the 'recruit.' Those in the NCAA and those at the various universities are seeking to do criminal background checks on the recruits. Fellows, the problems are those that happen when the recruits are STUDENT ATHLETES. Too many of the problems happen as these college kids are in college -- not before they arrive there.

To talk about the screening process for recruits is to talk about the pimple on the ass of the elephant. Talk about the behavior of the players when they are in the program. Worry about that. Worry less about getting the criminal history from those in the community for kids that are NOT in the program and worry more about making sure that there are no criminal activities of those on the teams and on the staffs. Then talk about sharing that data with the community at large.

Finally, I'd love to see a the probe of college football players measured against the athletes of other sports. Are the volleyball players and club sports participants getting into less trouble?

I don't expect everyone to be perfect. But let's not only compare the thugs that wear helmets and take drugs with aggressive side effects at one college town with those of another.

In other news, what about the guy getting cut from BYU's basketball team?

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