Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fight for Public Media at NCMR

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Right now, NPR, PBS and your local public radio station are facing unprecedented threats. They're being targeted by extremists in Congress, ambushed by dirty tricks, and vilified on cable news.
These attacks fly in the face of the fact that public media in America enjoy broad public support. This April, public media supporters are coming to the National Conference for Media Reform to discuss ways we can rescue public media and build new support for hard-hitting journalism that is free of partisan politics.
We'll tackle these issues — and a whole lot more — with people like Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!, Salon's Glenn Greenwald, Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz; award-winning journalists David Shuster and Carole Simpson; Free Press co-founders Robert W. McChesney and John Nichols; and people from news organizations like Mother Jones, Oakland Local, Brave New Films, FRONTLINE and The Nation.
Want to join us? Register for NCMR 2011 now.
Here's what you'll find:
  • The Fighting for Public Media session will feature multimedia presentations from leaders like Paula Kerger of PBS; Laura Walker, president of New York Public Radio; David Fanning, executive producer of FRONTLINE; and Maxie Jackson of the National Federation of Community Broadcasters.
  • Public Media's Innovators will demonstrate the apps, tools and programs that are helping to capture the history of our communities in new ways.
  • And the organizers and advocates who fought for more than 10 years to pass the Local Community Radio Act will be there. Meet them and find out how you might build a radio station in your hometown.
That's just the top of the list. The full program — which covers technology, media policy, politics, social justice, music and much, much more — is now online.
When it comes to the future of news and democracy, it’s clear that there’s a lot to talk about. But there's even more to do. Register for NCMR 2011 now.
See you in Boston,
Josh Stearns
Associate Program Director
Free Press
P.S. The full program and list of presenters is now online. Check it out!
P.P.S. Hotel rooms in Boston are selling out fast. Go here to reserve a room.
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