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Fw: [DBD] We want to do more in 2012 to end DRM

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Subject: [DBD] We want to do more in 2012 to end DRM

In 2011, we had our share of victories. We broke into the global mainstream media with our Brick Nintendo campaign, and even forced Nintendo to respond to reporters about their despicable terms of service and DRM on the 3DS. The 2011 Day Against DRM was a success: small groups formed and collaborated, and as a result many people walked away with a stronger sense of solidarity and resolve in the fight to eliminate DRM. Lastly, we began creating a focus on ebooks, posting popular articles against the Nook and Amazon, as well as orchestrating several small events throughout the world.

But we need to do more

Despite our accomplishments in 2011, there was a lot more we wanted to do, and a lot more that we need to do if we want to create a world in which people can stream movies, read ebooks, and browse the Web without being pressured to give up control and buy into DRM.

We wanted to launch our new site redesign in 2011, have a bigger response against Apple's textbook initiative, and provide even more information on the positive steps people can take, software they can use, and hardware they can buy that will allow them to live a DRM-free life.

If you want us to do more in 2012 than we did in 2011, then we need your help.

Will you pitch in a few dollars to help the Defective By Design campaign in 2012?

The DRM Challenge

Our goal at DBD isn't simply to eliminate DRM, it's to do so in a way that still lets us stream our favorite television shows or movies and to read the latest ebooks. Unfortunately, each time a person purchases a DRM-encumbered ebook reader, or when an individual pays a monthly fee to a DRM video service, each dollar spent is like a vote in favor of DRM. So, how can you spend your money to show a vote against DRM?

Next time you find yourself rejecting a DRM service or product, why not consider donating $5, $10, or $20 as a vote against DRM? Building critical mass around our campaign is a way to show the world that people want DRM-free products. Take the DRM Challenge in 2012.

Josh, John, Matt, and Richard

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