Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Recruitment letter for Water Polo delivered at the PPS Middle School Swim Championships

Water Polo is growing in Pittsburgh

Consider joining this spring, summer and/or fall.

To Swimmers, Coaches and Families of Pittsburgh Public Schools:

You can be a part of our new swimming and water polo teams with open practices, clinics and play at various pools around the city in the weeks to come. Neighborhood Learning Alliance is our nonprofit sponsors.

Summer Dreamers:
In the summer of 2011, a five week Swim and Water Polo Camp was a part of Pittsburgh Public Schools Summer Dreamers. More than 150 enjoyed their experiences with swimming and playing the sport of Water Polo at Peabody’s indoor pool.
We hope the Swim and Water Polo Camps can continue in the summer of 2012. PPS approval is pending. In 2012, Summer Dreamers’ academic and fun camps are moving and space is limited. Look to sign up and attend at U-Prep on Centre Ave in The Hill District as that’s where we have access to swim pools.

Middle school students get to RUN and JOG, with coaching supervision, of course, to the swim sites – at the brand new Centre Ave YMCA and the giant, outdoor, Citiparks operated, Ammon Rec Center Pool .

This year, younger kids in Elementary Grades are going to be able to swim at the indoor pool at U-Prep too. So tell your younger brothers and sisters and neighbors.

Spring Play:
Additional swimming and water polo play is being organized as well. Practices and a spring league are about to begin at Peabody, three nights per week from 6 to 7 pm. We have been playing every Wednesday, at Westinghouse High School.

City Wide Opportunity:
High School athletes, our “Pittsburgh Combined” team played in Columbus, Ohio, in September 2011, getting 3rd place in the Ohio Cup Tournament. This team allows kids from any area high school to join.

Get in Touch:
Please call or email the water polo coach, Mark Rauterkus,, 412-298-3432. Then specific practice times and details can be delivered to you. (See P-G sports news on other side, too.)
Way to go on your middle school swim championships!

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