Friday, January 27, 2012

Fwd: [school-discuss] project idea: open source text books

From: Jeremy C. Reed
Subject: [school-discuss] project idea: open source text books

I propose the group advocates and works toward open source text books.

These would be open content projects that result in free digital and
(optionally) very low-cost print textbooks and course work. This would
be a public endeavor using open collaborative methods. The text and its
related artwork and formatting and tools to create and re-generate will
be freely and publically accessible and redistributable.

Some side goals could be to save money for schools and better allocate
tax payers money, such as increasing school teacher's salaries, and
maybe better learning experience due to further media capabilities.
(Another minor goal is so kids, like mine, don't have to carry around
20+ pounds of textbooks :)

Maybe some ideas at:
 (Hey David where is your document now?)

I know we talked a little about it before around May 2002, but sadly
nothing came out of it from me. But it is time to do this again because
I recently listed to an interview about Steve Jobs and their textbook
plans.  Here are some related links:

350,000 downloads in 3 days

They may be "reinventing the textbook" but I don't think they are open
source and may be, in fact, tied down to a proprietary platform.

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