Saturday, June 02, 2012

FUD kills nations too

From another source on a web thread:
The concept of "Romney Supporters" is an Oxymoron. So refer to them instead as the (GOP) "establishment".

The establishment's biggest weakness (problem) is that they embrace the culture of FEAR.

Fear is at the root of our country's problems. These fears have been created, nurtured, expanded, and embedded into our very culture by TPTB for the purpose of manipulating the people into surrendering to tyranny and the NWO. (death of Liberty)

Based on my experience, I think they KNOW that our country is screwed, but because they have such great FEAR they fail to take any action - including mentally recognizing the problems, and therefore doing anything about them - (we would call them "asleep" vs. those with less / no fear are "awake").

Now, because they are driven by their fears, it is much easier for them to "accept" the falsehoods of TPTB and actually embrace evil than it is to "man up" and do what is right. They SUBMIT to SLAVERY because they are COWARDS.

FUD = Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

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