Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wish list

I'm going to start a wishlist. Asking can't hurt, right? Some of my life wishes do come true, so I might as well better document them on the blog.

Wishing for: 100+ t-shirts for the Summer Dreamers Swim and Water Polo Camp.
I've asked a few places and some are expected, but getting additional shirts will go a long way in helping with laundry. 
In the past years, we didn't really need t-shirts. T-shirts don't help with one's swimming. And, we were not going places. If you go to the zoo or Kennywood, and all the kids wear the same t-shirt -- that's great. We just went to the school pool, mostly. Now this year, we will be going places -- running through the Hill District to the YMCA or Citiparks Ammon. So, looking like a team and looking similar would help better keep an eye on everyone.
Furthermore, the kids are going to run. They'll sweat. If they run in shirts we provide, then they can keep the school shirt in a school locker and run in our shirt. Then they can change after swimming and not need to bring a change of clothes. 

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