Saturday, June 23, 2012

Title IX -- 40 years and it now really sucks to be a boy

Title IX has its 40th birthday -- and Title IX is no friend of mine.

Let's see, I coached swimming with the men's team at Ohio University. Now my sons won't dare go to Ohio University because the men's swim team was cut some years ago. When I was there, there was swimming and diving for both men and women.

Then I coached at Baylor University. Baylor had a team then -- but it stopped. Now Baylor has no swimming for either men or women. However, Baylor is now building a new football stadium.

Then I coached at Bradley University. They had a men's swim team -- now gone. Bradley even started a womens team and now it has neither.

There is a long list of lost opportunities for men in college sports thanks to Title IX and pin headed administrators. Here is the message: Winning happens with addition. Never does one win with subtraction.

Here is a list of swim teams cut in recent times:


The mens swim team has been cut years ago, sadly. See Title IX/Cutting_Mens_Swimming.

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