Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Rivers Casino wants what?

Got an email from Rose that read in part:
So, the what of the Rivers Casino's tax assessment appeal for years 2009-2013 - an appeal that if they win will force the Pittsburgh School District to write a check to the Casino for somewhere in the ballpark of $5 million dollars!

So much for the new Casino benefiting our communities! I would like to have as many community groups as possible sign an open letter to the Casino (that we could hopefully get printed in the paper) to tell them to stop their appeals. This is mostly to shame the Casino - whose owner, Neil Bluhm, is on the record in New York telling investors about the hundreds of millions of dollars they are making at the Rivers just weeks before he testified in Allegheny County tax court that "in 20/20 hindsight he never would've made the investment here" because they've lost so much on their investment(!) - and to scare other major real estate holders and corporations from taking on the same sort of appeals and deprive our schools of even more desperately needed funds. I'll be reaching out by phone about this soon, starting with those of you directly involved with education focused groups, but please, if this interests you, reach out to me now and we can figure out how best to work together on it.

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