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Fwd: Three Positions Have Opened

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Three Positions Have Opened Up

1) Employment Outreach Coordinator
2) After School Site Coordinator
3) After School Support Staff
* Job Descriptions Attached

Employment Outreach Coordinator


Pittsburgh CONNECTS, 5321 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15224 – 412-362-8580

Title: Employment Outreach Coordinator

Reports to: Managing Director

FLSA Status: Exempt

Employment Status: Full-time

Salary: $30,000 to $34,000

To Apply: Please send a cover letter and resume to Rflanag@aol.com.

Job Summary

Eastside Neighborhood Employment Center (ENEC) serves as a regional
resource center for job seekers that primarily reside or work in the
Garfield, East Liberty and Lawrenceville communities, and manages the
employment component of the Garfield Pittsburgh CONNECTS Computer Lab.
Pittsburgh CONNECTS serves to expand broadband access across
Pittsburgh, and has a four-fold focus on technology, health,
education, and employment. Both ENEC and Pittsburgh CONNECTS labs host
multiple programs each month, and operate as drop-in centers for the
community. On average over 250 people utilize our services each month.

The Employment Outreach Coordinator role is a dynamic and diverse
position providing support for the ENEC to implement the employment
component of the Pittsburgh CONNECTS lab. Working primarily in the
ENEC employment lab, the associate will assist clients with computer
use and employment resources. Additionally, this position includes
managing and organizing recruitment and marketing efforts for each of
the initiatives. In participation with the East End Works, the
associate will also assist clients in three satellite employment/tech
center sites located in the Pittsburgh area. Recruitment efforts
include both social media and outreach work in the community.

The Employment Outreach Associate must be a highly motivated,
independent person who has a passion for community engagement, the
will to push an agenda, and the expertise to effectively perform this
multi-faceted position. The associate will be responsible for the

• Manage recruiting and marketing campaigns for ENEC and
Lab events and classes, including planning and developing recruitment
strategies in the community.

• Provide daily assistance with clients utilizing the
drop-in lab around employment resources and computer literacy;

• Assist clients with resume building, online job search
and online applications

• Network with regional leaders and local businesses to
secure new employment opportunities

• Utilize and update our powerful database system for
clients and employers ;

• Performs any and all other duties assigned for which
the employee is qualified and physically able to perform, with or
without reasonable accommodation.

What it takes to be a Community Outreach Associate:

• Must have at least a bachelor's degree and be
comfortable using computer and internet technology; experience with
marketing preferred;

• Proven experience with grassroots organizing and
recruitment preferred.

• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, with ever
shifting priorities.

• Excellent writing skills, highly organized, and the
ability to easily maintain paper and electronic files;

• Strong listening and verbal communication skills,
exceptional interpersonal skills and a customer service background;

• 3-5 years experience in social services or employment services;

• Proficient in Microsoft Office (including Microsoft
Word, PowerPoint, and Excel); Strong internet navigation skills;

• Current (or ability to quickly receive) Act 33/34 clearances

• Valid Driver's License and proof of car insurance.


Bloomfield Garfield Corporation

5321 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

(Office 412-441-9833)

21st Century Community Learning Center--Pittsburgh LEARNS Afterschool Program

Title: Afterschool Site Coordinator

Status: Part-time

Compensation: $13- !5/hour, varies with experience

Location: Pittsburgh Woolslair and Pittsburgh Arsenal K-5

Application Process: Send resume and cover letter to Rflanag@aol.com

Job Summary:

This position will implement age and grade appropriate Language Arts
and Math lessons for kindergarten through fifth grade students.

The Coordinator will ensure successful implementation of all
objectives and ensure that outcomes are achieved and reported back in
a timely manner. This will require staff, among other duties, to
collect and be accountable for daily, weekly, quarterly, and yearly
student data. Staff will also attend weekly meetings with Education
Director of Neighborhood Learning Alliance, as well as state, national
and quarterly conferences or trainings deemed necessary by the PA
Department of Education and/or Neighborhood Learning Alliance.


· Supervise staff, ensuring appropriate practices in child
guidance, supervision and teaching

· Implement afterschool lessons plans aligned with school day;
remediate identified needs

· Develop/maintain relations with school principal/teachers;
Ensure continuity between school and program

· Develop/implement weekly program schedule, including
enrichment activities

· Monitor and report on overall program performance

· Play an active role in promoting parental engagement

· Ensure academic software and websites are being utilized to
enhance student academic lessons

· Maintain database of student information

· Administer and score pre, mid, and post student assessments

· Track daily attendance

· Collect student report cards and standardized assessments
from school district

· Attend Advisory Committee and PSCC meetings


· Bachelor's Degree in Education or related field preferred

· Teaching experience

· Experience in a community based afterschool program setting

· Act 33, 34 and FBI clearances (or ability to obtain them)

· Technology skills

· Willingness to work during afterschool hours

· Personal transportation

· Must be available – 2:30PM to 6:30PM, Monday through Friday,
and some school day hours.

· Commitment – 20-25 hours per week


Bloomfield Garfield Corporation

5321 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

(Office 412-441-9833)

21st Century Community Learning Center--Pittsburgh LEARNS Afterschool Program

Title: Afterschool Program Support Staff

Status: Part-time

Compensation: $8 to $10/hour, varies with experience

Location: Pittsburgh Woolslair and Pittsburgh Arsenal K-5

Application Process: Send resume and cover letter to Rflanag@aoL.com

Job Description:

During scheduled work time, all afterschool program staff are responsible for:

· Assisting in delivery of reading, math and character
education for kindergarten through fifth grade students

· Helping Pittsburgh LEARNS participants improve their grades
and become proficient in reading and math

· Understanding and supporting school day curriculum

· Continuously attending to children's academic and social
needs during scheduled work hours

· Assisting with homework, snack, and recreational periods

· Attending and supervising students on field trips as scheduled

· Meeting with parents as instructed

· Maintaining a clean, safe program space

· Additional duties as assigned

Ideal Candidate will have:

· Experience in tutoring elementary age students

· High expectations for struggling learners

· Genuine love of children

· Good record keeping

· Previous experience leading groups

· Computer skills (Microsoft Office and the Internet)

· An education degree or currently pursuing an education
degree, preferred

· Some experience preparing and delivering academic lessons, preferred


· Act 33, 34 and FBI clearances (or ability to obtain them),
preference given to those with active clearances

· Participation in continuous professional development
opportunities, some of which fall on mornings, evenings and/or
weekends, throughout the year

· Availability Monday through Friday, 3pm – 6: 30 pm

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