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The Heritage Foundation
What is America's Role in the World?
Last night at the final presidential debate of 2012 the two nominees squared off on foreign policy. Heritage scholar Marion Smith answers one of the most fundamental questions in the debate in his essay entitled "What is America's Role in the World?" The short answer is that our nation must protect American interests and advance economic freedom around the globe by practicing diplomacy & free-trade. Ted Bromund goes into far more detail in his Foundry post explaining Heritage's stance on foreign policy. 

Presidential Debate Recap
A team of Heritage experts analyzed the remarks each candidate made and issued rapid responses to a wide variety of debate topics in this recap on the Foundry. Each expert's comments link to sources if you'd like to explore the topics more thoroughly.

More Details Emerge About the Disaster in Benghazi
As expected the candidates sparred over the details of what happened on 9/11 in Benghazi, Libya. We now know that on July 9 Ambassador Stevens requested 13 additional security staff and was denied. Read about what else was discovered in Helle Dale's Foundry post.

Foreign Policy Ties Directly to Domestic Prosperity
In order to maintain a strong military and diplomatic presence around the world our nation's finances must be in order. The federal government's debt now amounts to $51,000 for each new baby that is born. The child pictured below has mom's eyes, dad's hair, and Obama's debt. Read and share the plan to cut spending, restore prosperity, & adequately fund defense at

Veterans Explain Devastation of Military Budget Cuts 
Even before the $1 trillion in defense budget cuts were proposed there were already military readiness problems. Watch several veterans explain the threats to our armed forces in the America at Risk video series.

Off on an Important Tangent: Education
The debate took an interesting turn when the candidates spoke about education. The truth is that today only half of education jobs are held by teachers and administrative excess kills meaningful reforms. Read Lindsey Burke's report on education spending.

Educating Tomorrow's Policy Leaders Today
Do you know a young person who would enjoying working in DC with top conservative scholars in the battle of ideas? Heritage's prestigious internship program is accepting applications for spring interns until Nov. 1st, so please encourage college students and recent grads to apply.

Upcoming Events
Heritage Annual Joseph Story Lecture featuring remarks by The Honorable Anthony Kennedy, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States -- View Webcast Live Online      Wed., Oct. 24  5:30 PM ET

Acton Institute Annual Dinner       Grand Rapids, MI     Wed., Oct. 24
FreedomWorks FreePAC           Chicago, IL                Friday, Oct. 26

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