Sunday, October 14, 2012

Google Releases Civic Information API

From: Steven Clift <>

From: "Dan Diebolt" <>
To: <>

What is the Google Civic Information API?

The Google Civic Information API allows developers to build applications
that display civic information including polling place, early vote
location, candidate data, and election official information to users. The
initial version of the API is geared towards election-related information
for the United States. Future versions of the API may add more types of
civic information and expand to other countries.

US election data is based on the political geography of a voters
registered address. The voters address determines where the voter is
eligible to vote and what offices and ballot measures the voter may vote
on. There are many US elections throughout the year, and the election
information relevant to a voter can shift depending on the election. Google
assigns every election available in the API an election ID, and the
information associated with that ID is intended to be accurate for that
election only. You can use the Google Civic Information API to query all
upcoming elections and then find information for a voter for a specific

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