Friday, February 13, 2015

Fwd: Hillary's War

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Hillary Clinton's war in Libya was a foreign policy disaster. 

She was the driving force behind pushing America into the middle of Libya's civil war -- without approval from Congress or the American people.

Hillary's actions have made Libya a Jihadist wonderland. There are Jihadists everywhere, and the civil war rages on.

The American people deserve better, Mark.

That's why I'm hoping you'll sign your "Say 'NO!' to Hillary" Mandate right away.

When I asked Hillary Clinton why she ignored multiple requests from U.S. officials begging for additional security in a war zone, I knew she was hiding something.

I've said for over a year now that Hillary Clinton took us to war in Libya under false pretenses.

She told the American people mass casualties were "imminent" without immediate and unilateral U.S. military action in Libya.

Now defense intelligence officials are rebuking Hillary's comments by saying she made false claims to sell the war to the American people.

I wish I were joking.

But Hillary Clinton's false claims and reckless actions have pushed chunks of North Africa and the Middle East into chaos, jeopardized America's national security, and contributed to the rise of ISIS and their allies.

Hillary Clinton was the loudest cheerleader for sending arms to so-called "moderate rebels" in Libya and Syria -- reports say at least 600 tons of weapons were shipped to rebel forces in 2013 alone.

Many of these weapons have fallen into the hands of ISIS and other radical Islamic extremists.

Thanks to Hillary Clinton, I'm afraid America and our allies are now fighting against our very own weapons.

This failure of leadership disqualifies Hillary Clinton from ever holding higher office.

Even the Accountability Review Board, led by officials handpicked by Hillary Clinton to investigate Benghazi, reported Hillary's efforts in Benghazi were a "systemic failure."

You and I both know that won't stop Hillary from doing everything in her power to seek higher office.

Her lust for power is endless.

That's why grassroots conservatives like you and I must stop Hillary before it's too late by taking a stand right now and sending her a loud-and-clear message: "NO!"

If you agree, please sign your "Say 'NO!' to Hillary" Mandate right away.

There's not a moment to waste. Your immediate support is needed more than ever.

Thank you for your continued action.

In Liberty,
Rand Paul

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