Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My suggestion to the Netgain site, NOTA

Democratic participation can skyrocket when all elections include the option of "None Of The Above."

Voters often confront elections with failed options. After the “None Of The Above” option becomes a universal choice in all ballot questions, citizens can circumvent a bogus ballot process.
When making a statement at the ballot box becomes worthless, frustrations mount and street violence ensues. Many don't vote.

Uncontested elections evaporate with NOTA. Incumbents must beat NOTA. When the wire-pullers and powerful put up straw candidates or token placeholders, they'd still need to deal with the affordable, always handy choice of "None of the Above." Let's terminate the option between "Bad" and "Terrible." If the choice for voters is among "Bad," "Terrible" and "None Of The Above," then there is hope.

Everyone wins as victors out tally both second place and NOTA. With NOTA, voters demand a fresh do over. New candidates are advanced as a new election is scheduled.

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