Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fwd: Lecture: "Practicing Mindfulness for Health, Wellbeing and Habit Change"

Lecture: "Practicing Mindfulness for Health, Wellbeing and Habit Change" 

By:  Richard King, Ph.D.

When:   Noon to 1pm, Tuesday February 12th

Where:  Dowd Room, 2nd Floor of the Cohon University Center, CMU

"Mindfulness for Health, Wellbeing and Habit Change" 

Mindfulness is typically applied for stress reduction, health, and behavior change. This presentation weaves together an overview of what mindfulness training is, does, and how to do 5 mindfulness exercises. Mindfulness practice benefits health, wellbeing and cognitive control.   Mindfulness practice is increasingly relevant for balancing our busy lives as the pace of popular culture advances.  This talk will highlight the basis for some of the benefits and applications, as well as the promise mindfulness training may hold for epidemiological impacts on health, mental health, and promotion of healthy communities.   Those interested in practicing mindfulness will have a sense of what a personal mindfulness practice may look like as well as a set of 5 ways for beginning mindfulness training.  A small portion of the talk will address mindfulness for peak performance training which is sometimes associated with elite athletes such as Olympians and Navy SEALs.  Some benefits of mindfulness training are often not appreciated at the front end.  These include increased self awareness, enhanced attentional stability and opportunities for improved quality of relationships.

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